Basic Dental Problems

Common dental problems are dental caries & gum disease.

Dental caries: Also known as dental cavity is the damage to the tooth structure due to food deposition for a long period of time , which leads to demineralisation of tooth structure to form a cavity in it. When this cavity becomes bigger and involve the pulp chamber inside the tooth, pain develops.this dental caries can be treated in many methods depends on its severity.

Gum disease: This is caused by food deposition on the tooth surface & gum margine. Initial soft layer deposition is called plaque, which gets harden to become calculus. This calculus cause gum swelling ,subsequently gum bleeding, bad smell and sensitivity of tooth occurs . When this calculus becomes bigger, the gums get separated from tooth and the bone around the tooth recedes,.so scaling [cleaning ] treatment is compulsory once in a year to avoid gum disease.