Equipment Facilities

Equipments in our clinic is a main feature for our successful practice... The state of the art facilities are available in our hospital. The detailed explanation for the equipment and its features are listed below.

  • Modern Dental Chair - KAVO-Primus Dental Unit Chair & Equiptment

  • We have designed an innovative suction tube cleaning system that guarantees the suction system functions effectively, ensuring a safe treatment environment. Midmark dental chairs are designed to offer unrestricted clinical access, premium patient support, unparalleled comfort and so much more.

  • OPG Villa Digital Systems.

  • Dental panoramic radiography equipment consists of a horizontal rotating arm which holds an X-ray source and a moving film mechanism (carrying a film) arranged at opposed extremities. The patient's skull sits between the X-ray generator and the film. The X-ray source is collimated toward the film, to give a beam shaped as a vertical blade having a width of 4-7mm.

  • Wiser Dental Laser.

  • Fear of dentist is a thing of the past with a Wiser by your side. Its greatest value is safety. The patient feels comfortable with the laser and the treatment goes smoothly, without complications. Wiser is fast, accurate and tireless: just like the best assistant.

  • Life time warranty LAVA Premium, MLS & IVOCLAIR Ceramic Crowns.

  • Ivoclar Vivadent operates in the three product areas: Direct Restorative, Fixed Prosthetics and Removable Prosthetics. In these areas, the company offers dentists and dental technicians products and product systems that support them across the entire treatment and fabrication process and enable them to achieve esthetic results.

  • World no.1 3M , ORMCO Orthodontic Appliance for tooth arrangements.

  • Ormco is a leader in consumable technology for progressive orthodontists who desire to continuously improve the health, beauty, and youthful appearance of their patients. Our products drive procedures that create lifetime results while minimizing the time and discomfort of treatment.

  • Sterilization units. Mediclave Autoclave, Glass bead sterilizer, UV cabinet.

  • Mediclave is a versatile and comprehensively equipped range of small capacity sterilizers, specifically geared to the dental, chiropody, surgical, and veterinary markets. Available in B, S and N variants, Mediclave incorporates a number of features designed to optimize performance and reliability.

  • Physio dispenser, Nobel biocare, Sweden

  • The physio dispenser is a device designed for surgical implant operations, but it is used during other oral surgery interventions as well. Nobel Biocare offers an extensive assortment of bone-level and tissue-level dental implants for all indications, bone types and surgical protocols, to satisfy every user experience level and selected treatment concept.

  • BPS DENTURES, Ivoclar Vivadent, Swiss.

  • We have designed an innovative suction tube cleaning system that guarantees the suction system functions effectively, ensuring a safe treatment environment. BPS dentures are the product of effective cooperation between dentists and dental technicians. The results are high quality tooth replacements for discerning patients. The Biofunctional Prosthetic System.

  • Piezo scaler. Satelac, France

  • With piezo-electric technology, achieving ultrasonic mechanical vibration requires the application of an electrical voltage to piezo-electric ceramics. The ultrasonic energy thus generated is transmitted via a transducer contained in the hand-piece and is prolonged by an amplifier. The resulting advantages of this mechanism include enhanced power control, greater patient convenience, and high transducer efficiency.

  • Light cure units,3M ESPE, GERMANY

  • A dental curing light is a piece of dental equipment that is used for polymerization of light cure resin based composites. It can be used on several different dental materials that are curable by light. The light used falls under the visible blue light. spectrum. This light is delivered over a range of wavelengths and varies for each type of device.

  • Power bleaching, HELIX CONTRAST AM,USA

  • During power teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide turns into oxygen, which penetrates your tooth enamel to break down stains set deep inside of your teeth. The higher the level of hydrogen peroxide, the more oxygen molecules are created -- the greater the amount of oxygen, the more stains are removed and the whiter your teeth will appear.